New Ideas!

Ive been trying out some new frame ideas these past few weeks, s special requests!

I'd love to know what you think!

The Little Chicken and her Chicklets turn One!

What a quick year its been!  The Littlest Chicken and her friends are all turning one!  I've been testing out some new frame ideas for their birthdays!

Summer of Love

This must be the summer of love...I've had lots of orders for wedding cards and gifts these past couple of months!

My absolute favourite has to be the lovely Marianne from the Littlest Chicken's nursery who asked me to make a special gift for her mum to ask her to walk her down the aisle when she gets married later this year to Fergus. 

Can't wait to see them on their special day!

Hi ho, Hi ho, Its Back to Work I Go!

It’s been a wee while since I last updated this…sorry!



I’m back at work now after an amazing 11 months off on maternity leave.  It has been lovely spending time with both my Little Chickens, going to baby classes, doing the school run, and squeezing in some crafts when the Littlest is asleep and the Biggest is at school!

I have met and made so many wonderful people and friends this past year that I wanted to give them a shout out! Breastfeeding is bloody hard!  Thankfully Sarah makes the weekly group so welcoming and there is always a listening ear.  In my opinion she has the best advice! It was here that Ellie’s lip tie was noticed and Sarah and Tracy offered some really useful, practical advice on how to manage. 10 months on and Ellie is still a boob monster and I really feel the continued journey stems from their support. From the pregnancy classes to Tinies and Wrigglers, Sarah, Jo and Nic make the sessions fun!  There’s always time for a cuppa at the end and a chat with the other mums. I can’t even to start about how amazing the support is from the daisy team...almost makes me want to have another baby so I can go back 🤣🤣🤣 Vicki is fabulous! She is so kind, caring, attentive and nothing is too much trouble.  Her classes are the perfect way to relax and enjoy some precious bonding time with your baby. And the dedicated time for a cuppa and a chat after class is spot on! The staff here are AMAZING! Always welcoming us (and our gazillion buggies) with a smile and a reserved table on a Wednesday lunchtime! And the chocolate orange cupcakes...need I say more?! These sing and sign classes have been so much fun! Jay is absolutely fabulous and makes the yummiest cakes! It’s such a fun, relaxed class Andrew has really helped Ellie with her communication...she signs milk, bath and bed now, and loveable when we sing and sign “what does the fox say?” ...even if I do get in a muddle doing it because im not quick enough 😂😂



And finally, I really do have to give the biggest most massive shout out to my B.C. girls (I’m not sure they’ll forgive me for saying what BC is so I won't!!) … Kat, Katie, Nicola, Gill, Laura, Lauren, Debbie, Nicola and Stacey…I don’t where I’d be without you girls…from our weekly Cupcake Corner lunches to the middle-of-the night group chats, your love and support makes this parenting malarkey a little bit easier!  And now the babies are almost turning one! How did that happen?  Time really does fly when you're having fun!  We’ll have a hot tub party to celebrate! (Once the babies are all in bed of course!!) xxx 

Sending out some Little Chicken Love xx

Treasure Baskets

Ready to explore!

At the request of the lovely Yogabellies is some info and ideas on the treasure basket I made for Ellie! 


🐥We live in a world where plastic toys dominate the toy shops. It is my personal opinion that many plastic toys are disappointing...not like a good treasure basket filled with exciting items of different size, shape, smell, taste, texture... (I could go on!)

🐥Treasure baskets are filled with everyday items made from natural materials, such as a paint brush, metal spoon, rolling pins, fir cones, and feathers. 

🐥The idea of playing with everyday items is not new, but a simple treasure basket gives babies an opportunity to explore, experiment and make choices at their own pace.

🐥There should be a wide range of objects that will stimulate all of the senses and that can be used as open-ended tools for exploration and imagination.

🐥There should be a good range of textures, shapes and materials to explore



Little Chicklet of the Day

Ellie aka The Littlest Chicken

I’ve been making lots of teethers for Ellie’s wee friends lately and had a “Little Chicklet of the Day” post on my facebook page! 

Why not pop over and have a wee look at how adorable all those babies are! Happy gumming babies! 🐥🐥x

Little Chicken Crafts coming to a fundraiser/coffee morning/ fete near you!!

New table covers!

Dragging my husband round the shops has its benefits! Aside from pushing the trolley as i fill it with crafty bits and bobs (you can never have too much glitter!!) he has eagle eyes! He spotted this fabulous, most amazing, bestest table cloth ever, in The Range! And didn't even bat an eyelid when i suggested i really neeeeeeeded it for my crafts! 

Anyway, 4 metres were swiftly purchased followed by an opportunity to showcase it at my very first craft fair/fundraiser event! 


I’ll be at the following events:


🐥Sunday 22nd April: Fundraising Fayre for FVRH neonatal and soecial baby care...grangemouth sports complex 11am-2pm

🐥Saturday 12th May: Girl Guiding coffee morning in the Cathedral halls, Dunblane, 10am-12noon

🐥Saturday 2nd June: Dunblane Primary School summer fete, 1.30-4pm


Please do pop along if you can to say hi, and support some great events! 



From Denny with (handmade) love!

Wooden horseshoe with names and date!

I just love it when i get asked “do you think you could make something like this {insert picture here}...”

And thats exactly what Katie did! And so off i set to work, researching ideas, sourcing mdf shapes and paint samples...heaven I tell you! 

This was given by the Littlest Chicken’s two besties (Erin and Aoife) to their gorgeous Auntie and Uncle on their wedding day recently in Bowmore, Islay!

We would like to wish Ailis and Graeme a lifetime of love and happiness! x

Dooodles and daydreams...

I've been playing around with some hand drawn and hand written cards these past few weeks. 

A couple of mistakes (oops!) but on the whole, I've really enjoyed doing some free hand work! 

I’d love to try calligraphy some day! 

For now though, pinterest in my best friend! 


My lovely friend Katie (also known as my best customer!) likes to keep me on my toes!


From 15-name scrabble tile frames to christening gifts to Mothers Day family trees, shes never far off sending me a "do you think you could make something like this...." text! (Which i think is awesome!)

Like me, Katie loves handmade gifts that have a touch of love and sentimentality about them.


So, with that in mind, if you have an idea for a gift but would like it handmade by someone you know (i.e. me!!) then please don't hesitate to get in touch and i'll see if it is a challenge I can accept!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day from my Little Chickens and myself! x

Its been a busy week here a Little Chicken HQ.


I’ve made lots of frames and cards this year and feedback has been very positive! I hope you all like them as much as I have making them...although, one thing to note to not leave the chocolate for the “break glass” frames within view of the hubby...cue a last minute dash to the shop for more!!





Break glass!

Break glass!

Family tree

A 15 name scrabble tile frame

Snow Days + Sleeping Baby = Crafternoons!


While the Littlest sleeps, Jess and I have been making cards. Well, I’ve been making cards and Jess has been like a magpie with my box of jewels and sparkles! 

I’ve decided to keep most cards with no messages for now, that way i can personalise them accordingly.

And I’ve just ordered some “handmade” stickers to put on the back as a wee finishing touch :) 


Ellie practices some yoga moves...opening up the heart 💕

The littlest chicken and I have been going to Yogabellies led by the lovely Vicki Stewart, in Larbert.


Now, those of you that know me will probably have a wee chuckle the thought of me doing any exercise at all, let alone one that is the essence of calm and relaxation! But I have to say, I can’t recommend Vicki’s class highly enough! She is so welcoming, friendly and she tailors each exercise to suit individually.  Ellie loves the classes too...especially when she gets to join in! 


When I was pregnant (and let’s face it...who could forget that?!?!) the classes were amazing. Adapted to suit each person (eg...SPD, sciatica etc) I think these classes are the perfect balance of exercise and relaxation.


Not only have have I met and made some lovely new friends, I've also got one of my biggest supporters of my wee crafting business...thank you Vicki for offering to share my wee cards in your classes 😘😘




Crafternoon Creativities


What chocolate bar would you choose?!

Well, this week at Little Chicken HQ, while there has been a flurry of snow, there has also been a flurry of craftings!


I’ve been making frames for Mother’s Day, some Easter cards, sourcing materials for my friend's wee girls birthday (a new crafting challenge is under way!) and getting ready for my first craft stall! 


I hope the longer afternoon naps continue for the littlest chicken...I’m quite getting into the swing of a wee crafternoon!

Dreaming of sitting in my campervan, crafting!

I love crafts! Drawing, cutting, name it, I’ll give it a go!

My first proper hobby with regards to crafting was probably card making. I’d bought a handmade card and thought “ooh, I could do that”. So a trip to Hobbycraft and about £50 lighter, I was all set to go! The hubby and I were on holiday up in Hopeman near Elgin and I set myself up at the kitchen table in the caravan and I don’t think he heard a peep from me all week! Except when I was asking him for his opinion (which I think I mostly ignored 😆😆)

Anyway, since then, I’ve made wedding invitations for friends and family, birthday cards, thank you cards, even a Happy Divorce card. Want a card personalised for a special occasion? Can’t find a card with the right words? Then I’m your gal!

When I win the lottery,  I’m going to buy a campervan and spend many a happy day crafting to my hearts content! Living the dream!!


EDIT:  My Mum says my first crafty hobby was making oodles of friendship bracelets when I was about 12! :)

My Lovely Friend Stacey


My friend Stacey is amazing! Whilst chatting over a cupcake (what else?!) she offered to take some pictures of my craftings!


It makes me want to ask everyone for the things I’ve made back so she can photograph them! 

Here is a wee sample of her handiwork! And if she goes pro, I’ll be the first to let you know (after ive booked her in of course!)


Thank you Stacey, you are a star 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Handmade Scrabble Tile Frames

This is one of my latest craftings...the frames with scrabble tiles!

I think these are great for personalised gifts!

I’ve done baby names, family names, special messages, favourite sayings...the possibilities are endless really! 

Crystals can be added to the bottom for a bit of extra sparkle and frames can be accented with 3D hearts, stars, flower shapes...


Favourite saying

Family names and words


Special message

Baby Boy Name

Baby Name and Date of Birth




Family Tree Frames

These wooden trees can be painted in nearly any colour! 

The hearts are then prepared and painted ready for names to be added.

Then I added crystals at the bottom for extra sparkles! 


This was a present for my lovely neighbours in colours to match their living room! 

Slate Hearts

These slate hearts come in two sizes (so far)...larger ones with rope to hang, and smaller coaster sized ones. 

They can have any names, dates, sayings etc on them :) 

Gone fishing!

Gaming Guru

Campervan Love 💜

Music Maestro 🎵

Becoming a Big Sister





Teethers and Sensory Play

Ellie gives the prototype a thoroughly good testing!

My littlest is almost 6 months old and it’s inevitable that teething will be a key feature of her (and mine no doubt!!) future! 


With my my oldest I bought a couple of necklaces for her to gum on but this time round I decided to have a go myself! 


I’ve been sourcing BPA free silicone beads, untreated wooden beads, rings and shapes, and with my never ending supply of nylon string and ribbon assortment, I was off! 


Necklaces, dummy clips, bracelets, teether strings and ribbon rings...and that’s just in the past two weeks! 

They have been well received at Ellie’s baby groups and I’ve been picking the lovely mummies brains about the future of these...I’m excited to say that I will be looking to have these CE tested shortly! 🙂

Handmade Cards

Birthdays, babies, Bon voyage and bat mitzvahs...there’s a card for every occasion!

Or if there isn’t...I accept the challenge! 


Cards can be personalised for that special someone and even have special messages inside (Although I’m afraid my creativity does not stretch to verse...that comes down to good old google!)

Crazy for Beads in Bead Crazy!

In Bead Crazy, Perth

I had a most lovely trip to Bead Crazy in Perth today with my fabulous assistants Ellie and Sharon! I have to say I was remarkably restrained in my purchases! The hubby would be proud!!


Ellie was mesmerised by all the colours and sparkles! I think she will be following in my footsteps!


The lovely ladies were so fabulous, and even gave Ellie a wee cuddle too whilst I was otherwise distracted with my “oohs” and “aahhs”!


Ellie is in bed now (all that shopping is hard work you know!) and I’m tinkering about making earrings! 

I think it’s going to be a late night here!!

The Littlest Chicken...6 months already!!

Ellie is six months old today :)

Its been a busy wee week in Little Chicken HQ...a visit to the bead shop and today the Littlest Chicken is 6 months old! 


Happy half birthday Ellie! 


We celebrated with friends at Cupcake Corner in Denny...having a chocolate orange cupcake of course...what else?!! 

Cupcake Corner is one of my favourite places that I have found on maternity leave! It’s a fabulous wee place selling amaaaaazing cupcakes! (They do soups, sandwiches, coffees and ice cream too!) and they have a playroom for children that a member of their staff look after while you have a cake in peace! Children need to be able to sit up before they can have a place booked in...and Ellie has been doing lots of practising 😍😍😍 Yey!!

The staff are so friendly and welcoming and even have tables set up for our regular Wednesday lunch after our feeding group! Excellent customer service and couldn’t ask for more!